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In this celestial corner of our cosmic domain, we invite you to explore a universe of divine inspiration, where Christian artistry comes alive in every product.

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Welcome to Interstellar Elegance: Black is Beauty, the Universe’s Masterpiece—an exquisite realm within Into the Palmer Verse where the cosmic tapestry celebrates the richness, diversity, and unparalleled beauty of Black culture. 

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Mars and Beyond: Exploring the Man Cave Galaxy

Mars and Beyond is more than a section; it’s a journey into uncharted territories where the modern man can explore the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Stellar Explorers: Cosmic Kids Collection

Where the wonders of the universe come alive for our little cosmic adventurers. In this enchanting section, we invite you to embark on a playful journey through a galaxy of creativity, joy, and discovery

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Elaina’s Safari Adventure Coloring Book

Elaina’s Safari Adventure Coloring Book


Step into the heart of the African savannah, alongside Elaina, our young explorer, and her animal friends. This delightful 8.5-inch square coloring book contains 30 captivating pages filled with intricate, black and white illustrations. It’s a perfect canvas for your child’s colorful dreams and creative genius.

Each page is filled with intricate illustrations waiting to be brought to life by the strokes of colorful crayons, markers, and pencils. Embark on an expedition through the heart of the jungle, where curious monkeys swing from tree to tree, majestic lions roam freely, and graceful giraffes graze under the golden African sun. Let your child's creativity soar as they color their way through the thrilling adventures of Elaina, a brave young explorer navigating the wonders of the safari.


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